Forthcoming Titles

Publishing books takes time, and we’re currently working on our exciting inaugural titles with care, and collaborating with our authors with a sense of purpose and gratitude.

While we wait to announce officially our forthcoming titles starting in mid-2022, below are some of the amazing authors being published through Lake Drive Books.

Lemuel Blacket

Lemuel Blackett is an ordained minister. Originally from London, England, he moved to New York in the late 1980s. He is a graduate of Eastern Baptist School of Religion, and Mason Kelly Washington White Religious Training Institute​. He currently serves as Director of Children’s Ministry at the Point Loma Presbyterian Church. His forthcoming book helps readers, through stories and insights, acknowledge all the ways we can experience trauma and how to create a mindset to move forward. He lives in San Diego, California.

Cynthia Vacca Davis

Cynthia Vacca Davis is an adjunct professor with an MFA in writing, teaching narrative nonfiction at Christopher Newport University. She’s written hundreds of feature stories, columns, and essays, as well as young adult novels. She enjoys telling stories, always searching for the threads that connect us to community. Her forthcoming memoir is told from alternating first-person perspectives and plays out at the intersection of social and religious tension around gender and sexuality. She lives in southwestern Virginia.

Elizabeth Berne DeGear

Lizzie Berne DeGear, PhD is a chaplain, teacher, Bible scholar, and feminist of faith who writes from two core beliefs: that human consciousness can always grow, and that divine consciousness is both loving and accessible. She helps individuals and communities discover the freedom within their own faith and offers workshops in religious and secular settings. Her forthcoming book is an introduction to Jesus and his very human experience during the first months of his ministry in Galilee. She lives in New York City.

Matt Kendziera

Matt Kendziera is a full-time speaker, podcaster, writer, and creator. He is the host of the Chasing Goodness podcast, engaging authors, activists, and influencers on questions that most people run from. He’s also a collaborator with several other incredible organizations such as Fierce Freedom and Rachel’s Challenge. Matt’s forthcoming book shows how stories and experiences are what connect us most intimately to the Divine, and that in our quest to find God we must first find ourselves. Matt currently lives in Wisconsin.

Kate Meyer

Kate J. Meyer is an author, the host of #MentalHealthMondayswithKate, a public speaker, professional counselor, and ordained minister. Kate is the author of The Red Couch, a novel just out in summer 2021 about missed expectations and seeing how the past doesn’t define but informs you. Kate’s forthcoming nonfiction book is a get-help-now manual on loss and grief at the intersections of faith and psychology, helping spiritual readers see loss more clearly. A fan of NaNoRiMo writing goals, she lives in western Michigan.

Julia Rocchi

Julia Rocchi writes prose, poetry, and prayers. She holds an MA in Writing and has published stories in Furious Gravity and Dappled Things, and other stories in the Saturday Evening Post, jmww, Bourbon Penn, 3Elements Review, Reflex Fiction and others. Julia’s forthcoming book is a collection of graceful musings, prayers and poems for a wandering, wondering, doubt-laden, hope-filled faith that reflects the desire to believe as much as belief itself. Julia blogs at and lives in northern Virginia with her family.



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