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The Lake Drive Books Team

Our team is made up of editors, production experts, and marketers who join us as self-starters and entrepreneurs, all dedicated to the mission of publishing books that bring about insight and change. Our Lake Drive Books teamwork values include strong communication, relationship, empowering others, humility, and integrity. With that focus, we create a social contract to help each other, and that makes a team. What’s more, at Lake Drive Books we strive to act professionally, courageously, and are always looking to improve.

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David Morris

I’m a long-time student of the personal journey of faith in the United States, but professionally I’m a publisher at Lake Drive Books, and a literary agent and author coach at Hyponymous Consulting. After more than 25 years of publishing experience with major publishers, my philosophy is to create focus among authors in a specific space, and apply my experience in any way they need it, regardless of whether its publishing, agenting or coaching.

My goal is work with authors who desire to be entrepreneurs for hope and fully engaged living. I want to meet authors where they are, and help them find their way to take the next best steps, and to do so in whatever way I can. And if I can manage it, I will continue to be a student of faith, reading widely, piecing things together, and do a little writing.


Email: info@lakedrivebooks.com

Phone: 616-737-1480

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